Monday, May 3, 2010

Pacific Rim Gymnastics

Sooooooo, does anyone have the footage from the Pac Rim Gymnastics Champs in Australia this last weekend? I have found some footage on youtube but most of it isn't the greatest. I saw Bridget's bar routine and felt thourougly disappointed for her... We, as humans and gymnasts, need to remember that sometimes things happen. No matter how prepared we are, bad things still occur. Bridget was a reminder for the world that she is human. All elites are, no matter how incredible of athletes they are.

But that look of disappointment on her face says it all...

Meanwhile, my training has been put on hold while the Western and Eastern United States came together to perform on the national stage! Girls all over Washington did awesome! Evanni from my own gym earned 5th place! This is quite an accomplishment and I am super excited for her! Mary, Julia, Bria, and Margaret also all competed and did well! I am sad to say that this will be the last week I will spend with them, not even the whole week. I will be going into the gym Thursday around 6pm to bring ice-cream and treats to the level 4's and then Friday will be my last day coaching. Part of me is sad, but I am also jubilant that I will be free of work and will get to continue to pursue my passion in my own gymnastics world!

Continuing on that note, I will get to start training more. This will be the last easy(ish) week I will probably have for a long time so I am taking advantage of it! Though I am still training more than I had been, I didn't manage to get myself in the gym today. Yesterday, however, I managed to get to Grace and spent 2.5 hours exercising and honestly, I am finally looking and feeling stronger! Tomorrow will be much longer in training than I have done since last Monday. Early morning I have my cycling class, then classes all day long and then 4 hours at gym. That being said, I better head off to bed.

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