Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 more down...

Everything happens for a reason...Everything happens for a reason.

I came into the gym late to bring ice-cream for my gymnasts ice-cream party I had promised them if they filled up the "ice-cream" poster I had made. They filled it all up a couple of weeks ago and I promised that since my time of coaching would soon be over; the sooner I brought the goodies in, the better.

I was then surprised by the way the optional girls were acting. Minutes later I come to find that Coach Jackie and Brian would be leaving Grace. Coach Carleigh left less than a week ago, I'm leaving this month and now the head optional coaches, who, might I add, have been coaching at Grace for longer than ten years! Brian may be pushing the twenty year mark! And now, *POOF* they're gone. I am literally still in shock from the whole ordeal. I now understand why God had done everything over the coarse of this year. Injuring my wrist, allowing me to make a transition into coaching, giving me time to realize Grace was not the gym to come back to, pushing me toward a gym that would provide me with the coaching I needed and now letting me understand why I had to be pushed away. I stand in the presence of God once again and I feel awestruck; as well as still depressed for all of the high level gymnasts at Grace. Grace is falling apart, just as Gym + had a little over 8 years ago, when Norm and Laurie stepped out of the picture. Grace's top coaches are leaving so many girls to cope and try to re-build their gym. I pray that everything works out, and for me at least, God has delivered. May he deliver for them as well.

Everything happens for a reason...

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