Saturday, May 22, 2010

No New News

Not much has been happening in the "elite" gymnastics world for the past week. Apparently Pacific Rim Champions did air on NBC and fortuantly I had a friend record it so I'm gonna have the enjoyment of getting to not only watch gymnastics but also experience the PAC Rim Champs with a buddy!:-)

Not much has been happening in my own gymnastics world since getting my new beam series. I'm still just getting back into shape slowly and painfully, but I'm loving the process. This week has been the most hours I've done in over 6 months. I made 23 hours and went to practices 6 days this week. Might I mention I trained at 4 different gyms in those 6 days. I just realized that...I'm excited to say that everything is starting to get easier as well! However, these last two days have been more difficult, partially from lack of sleep since in the last two days I have slept approximately 9 hours and driven in my car for about 6 hours. Not the most fun experience, but I pushed through and somehow made it through a 4+ hour practice today.

Left home at 6am to get to the gym. Fortuantly, I came prepared with running shoes. Mary, one of the the fastest women in Tricities, was running us today. It was actually a really fun, challenging trail run that lasted about 20 or so minutes. Then we played Black Jack the rest of the day. I know, I know..Black Jack is a form of gambling. LOL. This is a different type of black Jack though, well sorta. Basically the game starts by rolling a die, depending on what number you roll will decide the event you go to, you then roll the die again and the second number will tell you what skill you are to do. After you complete the skill a certain number of times you get to do the real blackjack part, in which the gymnast pulls two cards and coach pulls two cards. The person with the card at or under 21 wins!

Since that was about the extent of my day, I'm going to leave my post at this. Plus I'm going to go see a movie with my mom and sis tonight! =)

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