Friday, May 14, 2010

Gymnastics: The Comeback is Good!

After feeling miserable about school I have come to find that once again gymnastics gives me a sort of meaning to life. After a rather depressing and fearful workout last Wednesday, I decided today was going to be different. I awoke ready to face any challenges that came my direction. Fortuantly, I was ready for the workout Coach Peter had planned for us.

After many minutes of conditioning, it was off to vault. This was the event that had given me trouble on Wednesday, for some reason I just felt terrified and couldn't get myself to even cartwheel to the board. I wonder if it had to do with feeling so much pressure in so many different directions. I had a little problem getting my run going but once I figure out my steps and went over on my first one, I was fine! I made all of the rest of my round off, backhandsprings over the vault. Some of my hurdles were slowed and not very good, but quite a few of them I was really being aggressive and could've easily flipped if the vault had been a bit higher. I was pleased with the progress I had made and headed to class in a good mood. I then made the three hour drive back to my hometown.

I had decided to train at my first gym I had been a part of when I arrived home. The workout went really well and Rachel seems to have bumped up the amount of conditioning which is definitely a plus. It was only three hours but we accomplished a lot in that time frame. Floor was first and I actually did front fulls in front of a mat, a big step for me because I tend to twist too early when I don't get to land on the mat, and even though the first couple did twist early, by the end I was dive rolling out of them onto the mat! I also worked some double backs on the tumble tramp and trak! I showed Rachel my new dance pass and she liked it. -My turjete 1/2, wolf 1/1. The rest of practice went well but floor was the best event and reminded me of how far I have come since the injury that happened to me a little over 2 years ago. I am on my way back, and finally I am healthy. =)

Thanks to everyone who has supported my dreams and goals! I can't wait to see what this year brings! =)


  1. I haven't gotten to meet you much but I love reading all your posts! They are so inspiring to me!

  2. Thanks girl! Keep following your dreams and let me know what's going on at GGC!