Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moving Out

Not only am I moving out and back home tomorrow but Auburn is also in the process of moving.

Fortunantly, I was somewhat aware of this due to fb postings. Even so, I was not prepared for today's practice to be a "moving out/working day". I enjoyed getting to know the other girls better though. We cleaned both foam pits out and it was disgusting! Sidney was busy rapping, Amber kept throwing foam at me, Chase was throwing bags of foam at Sidney and D, and D said a bad word!

After we managed to fill a truck full of foam and mats, Coach Peter sent us to beam. We figured it would be normal training, instead we were ecstatic to be paired off into four teams to have contests against each other. It was so much fun! On beam, we started with easy(ier) skills. Backhandsprings and backtucks. Then we got to the challenging stuff, stalder and forward rolls, and double turns. It was bomb!

Then we headed to floor, to again play as teams. We had bizarre contests. Handstand walks over each other, handstand contests, (I got third).--Baely and Alexis won, and technically they are both at tops level of conditioning since both have/are training for elite. We had back tuck contests, skill contests, (where we could pick who did what skill) I went up for a triple turn and did a flawless, amazing one! It was awesome! We had to do improvs. One was to imitate Madi Podlucky. Haha! That was a priceless improv! We had to act as animals, and then we had to sing Lady Gaga. It was as if this was a practice test for this weekend. I walked out, since I was the only one left on the team, and when I was up I sang loud and clear, "Ra ra ah ah ah, roma rom ma ma, Ga ga, ohh la la, watchurbad romance!" My dance moves worked well too and when I finally came back to reality, Coach Peter's eyebrows were raised in surprise and his smile said it all. Baely Rowe and I won that contest! =) Then we played add-on, my team won with my Produnova that I added at the end. =D The girls wanted to see it again so I had the priviledge of doing it once more for everyone! I <3 the support of the girls, my new teammates. I am excited for next year, next season.

I just am worried about this summer. I am gonna need at least a few weeks over here to train. Thankfully, I have many new friends I might be able to stay with. Mia, Julia, Elizabeth, AGC girls? We'll see, somehow it'll all work out. "All is well".

And when I come back, AGC will have moved to a new location. Hopefully it's a good change!

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