Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grace No More...

I dropped by Grace this evening.

Evanni has already transitioned to a new gym, Mary is leaving on Friday and I have no idea how many others who have already left or are on their way out. :'( It's so sad to see a once flourishing gym that had become so incredible, suddenly fall to peices. I watched it happen once before at my very first gym, after that, it was never the same... It's such a high turnover sport anyways, it would only take a few years before all of the optionals would have moved on, but it's so hard to know that in a month, nothing will ever be the same...The coaches will have moved on, the gym team they worked so hard to create will no longer be the top team and girls will start dropping like flies, (They have already begun to do so).

Dear Grace Team,

I love you guys so much and miss you already. Unfortuantly, change is bound to happen in our everyday lives. We can be comforted in knowing that God always has a plan and that change will always lead to something bigger and better. Have faith! Forever and ever, we will always be a team and a family. Thanks for allowing me to become a part of the family. I Love you all!


On another note, I keep having signs show up about this weekend. And yes, I am literally going up to Kamloops to try out for the cirque audition. Mostly just going for the experience and fun since it's likely I wont get in, at least not my first time. Ironically, here is what one of my youtube subscriptions, (sgmarsden), posted today.

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