Friday, May 7, 2010

More Region 2 Gossip

As I went in to coach today I started noticing there were a lot of new faces. I mentioned this fact to one of the coaches and in turn she replied, "They're all from PSSG". I didn't understand why there would be a big group of girls who would come from PSSG (Puget Sound School of Gymnastics). And then she told me that PSSG had recently closed down. What the heck?! I have become far too much aware of all of the gymnastics gossip once I entered the coaching realm. Most of the time I don't care to have the information because that just causes more secrets that I have to keep. Fortuantly, this secret has already been open to the public, more or less, due to the fact that there are girls transferring to Grace because of their gym's closure.

Puget Sound School of Gymnastics has been one of the past top gyms in Washington, if not in region 2. It was home to Kristina Baskett; 2000 Olympic trial qualifier and then one of Utah State's top gymnasts. In other words, it was a really good gym with high level coaches and gymnasts. The first owner, Brad, who created PSSG's amazing program sold the gym a few years ago to Linda and Jeff Lutz. Jeff and Linda divorced Jeff moved to Alaska while the program was taken over by Linda Lutz, who was coached by the one and only, Laurie Reid. Laurie Reid is considered a guru in women's gymnastics and judging, she is the owner of my first gym I trained at. There are rumors around that PSSG will be re-taken over by past coaches but at this point in time, the damage has been done and gymnasts from the gym have since moved onto other teams. It's such a sad case because the PSSG is HUGE and it was a gym that once created such outstanding gymnasts.


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