Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I just realized I never posted my list of skills I've learned or re-learned in the past 3 months! It's been posted on fb for awhile but somehow never made it onto my blog. Incase you're interested, here it is:

Making the most of this summer training, living in each moment, enjoying the present and not even thinking about the future. This summer is the only thing that counts!

Here's a list of brand new skills I've gotten in the last 2 months; May and June:

~ Backhandspring, back lay step out-High beam with pad!
~Onodi onto 8 incher on floor
~Front handspring, front full without any mat-On floor
~Whip 1/2, front full-Tumble trak
~Round-off, backtuck ON beam-With mats all the way up and pad though.
~Yurchenko lays off of drill vault onto resi in pit
~New Dance Combo-Turjete 1/2, wolf 1/1 :)
~Bail over bar with mats stacked up and sting on bar.
~Backhandspring, double-down on h. beam

Here's the list of skills of skills I have re-learned over the last 2 months:

~Yurchenko tucks on real vault landing onto competition level mats for the first time in effing 2 years!!!
~Round-off, Back layout dsmt off of High beam with pad and resi at the end
~Turjete 1/2-Med. beam with pad
~Double Turn-High beam
~Back 1 1/2 twists consistently landed on floor
~Double backs without grabbing legs on tumble trak
~Back 1 1/2, punch front-Tumble Trak
~Side Aerial-Med. beam with pad
~Triple turn on floor
~Blind, front giant-With spot on pit bar
~Blind 1/1's-Pit bar
~Straddle back handstand on unevens
~Layout flyaways by myself!-Off of unevens
~Cast Handstands Consistently on bars
~Tsuk lay drill into pit (off of 2 spring boards)
~Clear hips to 60 degrees-Unevens
~R-off, b.lay full dsmt off med beam-no pad
~Toe Hand-Unevens
~Toehand, toe-hect to kip-Unevens

Adding onto the note since I am still successfully doing gymnastics 1 month later!
July and August New Skills and Re-learned Skills:

Brand New Skills:
Tsuk lay 1/2 off mini tramp into pit

Re-learned skills:
Blind 1/1-Uneven Bars

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