Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vlog #1

I decided to do a vlog this morning instead of a blog. I sound like a man. LOL.

I had not planned on making this vlog this long. Lol. So if u make it through the 8+ min., ur my hero. This is basically a recap of my long and tedious 2 year road in the sport of gymnastics and also includes what's going on in this present day since a lot of you are probably kind of confused about my life lately...If you know me personally that is. Since I had been pretty secretive about it for awhile, I have decided to come clean in explaining exactly what's going on. And I was too lazy to put in contacts...Just an fyi. I think that explains it. Enjoy-Or at least try to. ;)


  1. Not at the moment, I decided to move back home for the summer. I'm just weighing options right now before I decide if that's the gym I want to transfer to for next season. We'll see.