Sunday, July 25, 2010

A-Sac is Back!!!

I just want to say that I am sooo proud of that girl!

Lets rewind 1 year ago: Alicia made the statement that she was considering coming back and I laughed. I seriously thought she was joking, but as a gymnast, I should have known better.

Fast forward to present time: Alicia looks confident, relaxed and strong. She looks in better shape than ever and she looks like she belongs out there! That's what I loved most about last night's gymnastics coverage. She didn't look out of place in the least bit. Infact, I would say that her gymnastics looked stronger than any other gymnast on the floor!

She looked nervous right before mounting the beam, but as soon as she mounted with a beautiful front onto the 4 inches of beam, I knew she had gotten through the hardest part, the rest of the routine was pretty solid and flawless. More so than any other competitor that I saw!

Likewise, her vault was huge! She may not have stuck it or landed as great as she has in the past, but the take off from the table was phenomenal. It looked higher than I have ever seen her (or anyone else for that matter) vault!


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