Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gymnastics Now

I bet you all are wondering what I have been up to since I last posted right?... Well even if you haven't been, I am posting anyways. =D

For the past 10 days I have been on an intolerable trip. Ugh, 6 hours in the car, to and from Canada, 7 days on a giant cruise ship in which I dealt with sea-sickness, rain and cold, intoxicating food products and a form of island sickness...Which I will re-name: Ship sickness. It was horrible vacation. I hate vacations unless they are just getting away from work/school.

Speaking of which, it looks like I've been given some new opportunties career-wise! Yesterday, one of my old coaches begged me to take over a group of her team girls. I was really considering it, but it would mean sacrificing my own gymnastics time that I've grown so fond of and plus I've been given other opportunities that may be bigger and better.

One I learned of today. My chiropractor said I should teach "hot yoga". It's only 60 days of training, it gives a good work out, I'd get paid and it's something I'd probably be good at! More benefits! Plus I would probably get to choose hours I did it and it's not too many hours! And since there arn't other people where I live who teach hot yoga, I think my chiropractor would let me use his work facility or at least help me find a place to use.

I've also decided to get my judging certification which looks like it wont be too difficult for at least level 4. I already know the routines, it's just a written test and all I'd have to do is memorize and study deductions and re-learn how to write out skills in short hand. There is a test in September so I have plenty of time!

I have also been given a coaching opportunity right in town which would be preferable over moving, but not sure yet if that's what I want to do. Still, it's an open option for work and cash. =)

On the other side of work is the opportunity to continue in the sport I love. I didn't realize I would miss gymnastics as much as I did over the last 10 days! And today was fun! I notice that I have so much more fun at gym then I have had since I was like 8! It's amazing! =)

I did a lot of good gymnastics and was invited to the gymnastics camp that Gym + is hosting the rest of this week! I was really surprised actually. No one informed me I was allowed to go so I figured I wasn't invited. Then, out of the blue, Michelle asked me if I was coming to the camp. I told her I didn't know I was invited and she rolled her eyes and stated, "well you're part of the team now arn't you?!" I didn't know what to say. I replied, "Yea, I guess so..." since I haven't fully decided what I am doing. In the end, I am definintly going tomorrow to get to train with coaches I have been missing immensly! Brian, Jim, Mark, Norm (maybe), Nola and others I'm sure! It's gonna be a hard 7 hours but I am extremely excited and honored to get this opportunity! :)

Aw, I've missed Bri Bri. XD

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