Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was given a wake up call this morning. And not just a "wake up" call in literal terms but in changing my life. I had an old friend, who at this point will remain unnamed, call me up. She literally told me to get off my butt and do what I need to to follow my dreams. For weeks, maybe months, I have been in misery because I still had unfinished business in the gym. Yet I couldn't train while I was coaching, not really at least. And honestly, I was still just making excuses.

For the last year I have been trying to figure out what I could do to regain my dreams I had left behind. I could not come up with a concrete plan. I wonder if that is why God sent this person to me. It's as though God had a very genuine plan for my life in meeting her that day nearly . For awhile, I wondered if things really had not happened as planned. And now, I am once again questioning fate and reality. Was this message an important message that had been thought out before my own birth onto this earth? I will soon find out.

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