Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gym News

As a gymnastics coach I get introduced to A LOOOOOOTTTT of drama and secrets in the gymnastics world. This blog however is not for gossip, so I can't tell you any of the news I have heard. Not yet anyways.(As badly as I want to) Some may come out eventually when the time is right to let it out in blog form. Most of it will remain secret until I write a memoir under a pen name.

I forgot to mention a couple other gymnasts in my last blog and I can't figure out a way to edit it, (if there is a way). Anyways, Evanni Roberson got 3rd in the AA at state as a first year level 9. She also got 1st on floor!

I also had two friends from my the second gym I trained at both earn 2nd in their age groups with only a .05 tenth between them. Mckenzie Welsh and Kelsey Jaquish from All American will be training hard for regionals in Auburn in a couple of weeks! Good luck! Hopefully I will get to go watch this time!

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