Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Addiction?

Thus a new day begins.

As I lay in bed this morning I pondered whether or not to get up for the Canyon River bike event. Finally, I knew if I didn't go to it, I would regret not getting to try out my first real bike trip with other people. That is, my first one not counting the beginning green way rides I've been on only twice before.

I wondered whether I should bring my dad's road bike or my mountain bi It was really a toss up. I knew riding a mountain bike would be a lot harder than a road bike but the road bike I have is literally 30 to 40 years old... Plus the breaks aren't great and I have actually only riden a road bike 3 times in my life. I am much more comfortable on a mountain bike... And I also have a water bottle holder on my mountain bike...So, that was the most obvious choice.

I headed out early. I was on the road before 8, for fear I would get lost and have to drive around awhile to find the registration area. I easily found it and got registered and then drove to the starting point. I pulled my out my bike which I had shoved into the back of my car. I found that it's easiest to put in from the back side. Just an fyi incase you ever have to use a car to transport a bike... I began prepping for what I feared would be a hard trip.

People were arriving in droves. I wasn't paying much attention to anyone until a girl passed me and said "hi" to me. I realized it was Tonya who does the beginner green way rides with me. We talked awhile and she obliged to riding with me despite the fact that I would no doubt be slower.

Tonya on the right.

I'm on the Left.

And this was taken after 20 miles or so, but we were still smiling. :)

I met and saw other people I knew and didn't know. Carol, aka- "the Bike Nazi" &/or the "Psycho Bike Cheerleader". (Her nicknames according to her spinning class students), was there, of course. Kate, who is an avid marathoner in the area was there as well. We headed off at 9am and I immediately regretted having a mountain bike. I must have been going over 100 rpms for the first 17.5 miles. What I realized later was that I my gears were in the wrong setting... I know what you're thinking, that was indeed a silly mistake that should've been taken care of much, much sooner. What can I say...I don't know much about bikes yet...but I'm learning. Besides, I haven't had much time to play with new sports like this, I've been cooped up in a gym for the past 17 years...

Anyhow, after the horrid hills, flats and downhills being in a low gear, Tonya and I finally made it to the end of the coarse. Many people were already there, milling around & replenishing themselves before the 17.5 miles back. We were only there 5 minutes or so before people started heading back. So Tonya and I did the same. It was much easier heading back but I was still pedaling way too much. The only part that was relatively hard was a uphill climb that took forever to get to the top. After that, I was done. I couldn't go much furthur even at a decent pace. All I could do was peddle and pray that Tonya wouldn't get too far ahead. I felt kind of bad because I felt like I was really holding her back. And it wasn't until the end when I felt completely wiped out that she suggested that I change gears. I told her it was at the highest, but in that moment, I glanced over at the left side and began fiddling with it. Within minutes I was peddaling at a much easier pace and staying up with her without much effort.

I, however, felt super irritated that I had taken this long to fiddle with my gears. It makes me nervous to mess with them, which is why I hadn't done so up 'til that point. When we arrived back, Carol and some of her "pod" group were waiting for us. We grabbed some much needed energy bars and apples before standing around awhile and chatting.

Overall, it was a really good experience and I can't wait to get more involved in these events and races!

Here's a pic. I got with my cell at some point during the ride...


During the ride I managed to only sing 3 songs in my head. Something by Paramore, Eminem's-Til I collapse (go figure) and something from the movie "Hocus Pocus"-Wtf?...

I also got some video footage so I might eventually post that on youtube and on here. For now, it's back to training. :)

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