Monday, May 23, 2011

Tri-idea Continued.

In the meantime...
After the 35 mile bike ride yesterday I have been so pumped up. I was too tired to do much yesterday after the bike ride, likely from only having 10 hours of sleep over the weekend. But I desperately wanted to go for another bike ride or run or something! I smartly choose not to. This morning, however, I eagerly prepared myself for a day of training! I took my little corgi out for a morning walk to warm up. He isn't much of an exerciser so usually the most I can get him to do is walk or short spurts of running. After that I headed out for a nice run.

The weather was perfect. It wasn't too hot when I started out. The sky was over cast and there was a light breeze. The sun did start to come out as I was heading into my second mile. It felt nice feeling sweat break out across my face. The run itself felt so good and easy too! The only real hard part was the final hill back to my house. Afterward I decided that I felt good enough to go for a bike ride...

Maybe not the most brilliant idea ever...

It was ok at first but it didn't take long before my legs started to really burn. Not sure whether it was from yesterday's ride, or that I had just gone on a run or possibly that it was because it was a mountain bike... Or maybe it was because cycling is supposed to BURN... Either way, I was hurting and dying in no time but I pushed for about a 1/2 hour or so. I haven't the faintest idea how far I rode. My guess is that it was between 3 and 5 miles.

As soon as I stepped from my bike I nearly fell. My legs felt like jello. Fortuantly, that was the end of my leg workouts today.

I did try out hot yoga this evening.
I've done bikram but never in town.
And actually, the yoga was called Power. And I guess it was the second level. It was a lot harder and different than I anticipated. We did a lot of plank holds, in push up position. Then lowering down to almost our chests before rising to "cobra". We did a lot of standing pike holds and lunge holds (Warrior Pose). At the end, we even did what was called "wheel", which ended up being a bridge. It was like doing easy gymnastics in a 105 degree room! It felt incredible! I love feeling like I'm working hard, sweating immeasurably and doing basically conditioning exercises! It was great and I can't wait for the next hot yoga class I go to! The special is great as well. 10 classes for $20. I bet this is the only town you can get this deal in!

Oh, and forgot to show you my amazing power fuel after yesterday's bike ride.

Most amazing, tasting thing ever! Basic Ingrediants: Numerous amounts of fruits; strawberries, blue berries (frozen), black berries (frozen), raspberries (frozen), mango, banana, orange, basically any fruit in the house! Then some almond milk, greek yogurt, whey protein, emergenC and agua! Blend and then top off with granola and sliced strawberries.


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