Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kate. My New Hero.

My re-meeting her has been ironic to say the least.

I met Kate years ago while I was on the swim team.

She and my mother were friends and swam together.

This should give you an idea of her age.

I knew she had been into marathons.

I knew she loved to run. Still loves...

I saw her again a couple of weeks ago for the first time many years? Many.

I recognized her but couldn't remember how I knew her.

She came to me first, said she recognized me and began asking about my mom and if she was still swimming.

When she continued talking about having a membership at two gyms, I figured out who she was. (I mean, how many women have memberships at 2 or more gyms?) I don't know anyone else who does...

After that first re-encounter with Kate, I then saw her a couple days later.

I was riding my bike and passed a runner with a teenage body. As I passed her, I realized it was actually Kate. I was immensly surprised.

I then rode another 2 or so miles, before getting off to run 3 miles. As I was riding back, I took a break. As I was about to head back off, I glanced behind me and saw a white shirted figure running a ways back. I recognized her red hair and realized she was still running. No doubt she would be running at least 10 miles round trip. And with having a bike I knew I had been given ample time to ride a greater distance. However, with my 3 mile run, I figured she had to have run at least 3 miles or more while I had taken time to run my 3 miles. In other words, she was running a good distance! I sped ahead, fearing an awkward meeting.

To top it off, the very next day, as I headed out to the 35 mile bike ride and climbed from my car for registration, I saw her once again.

We were both surprised as we greeted each other.

As that day progressed. She and I would pass each other at least 5 times. The final time I saw her pass she yelled out to me, "I don't know why we keep seeing each other, but there must be a reason!"

The next day I told my mom all about the meeting, in which she stated back to me, "You know, Kate does triathlons."

I was stunned. For some reason, I had it in my mind that she only did marathons. Maybe this is the reason I keep seeing her. Whatever it is, she has now become my newest inspiration! She is incredible and I want to be as great as an athlete as she is.

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