Tuesday, November 8, 2011

High Tech Clinic 2011

Region 2 gymnastics held their high tech clinic in Beaverton, Oregon this year.

It was awesome to see some incredible athletes yet also, just as gut-wrenching to no longer be included in the training atmosphere as a gymnast.

Being a coach definitely has it's pros and cons; I am included in the conversations that only coaches of elite athletes have, the secrets of what really goes on at the ranch come out late at night, horror stories that I honestly would rather not know--And we are talking about what goes on in the United States, it's frightening to think about what is happening in other countries around the world. It's also exciting to be surrounded by top level coaches who have personal relationships with other high level coaches and athletes. Likewise, some of these coaches were also high level gymnasts at one point, that's really cool to be treated as equals now in the coaching world.

Yet likewise, having to watch these girls who entered the sport much later than I, and who are now kicking ass at this level is honestly difficult for me to watch. Don't get me wrong, it is really inspiring and cool to see their progression. I love watching high level gymnastics! It's just that sometimes, I wonder what would've happened if I had grown up in a different atmosphere, with more committed, quality coaches who had remained in the gym longer to help my gymnastics progress to the level I had wanted. Maybe I wouldn't still feel like there is unfinished business; this dissatisfaction of never attaining my highest goals, I think, keeps me from putting my whole heart and soul into coaching. Everytime I get too involved, I regret. I think that's why this clinic was so hurtful and left me feeling undeniably sick of the sport again.

Nonetheless, the two girls that I went to coach this weekend did a great job; both listened attentively, gaining some new skills, drills and motivation to continue to progress into season.

Here's a couple of clips of a skill that one of the girls I coach, practiced and got without a coach standing by. First one was perfect timing for hitting handstand, but she apparently wasn't prepared for the catch and crumpled. The second and third were past vertical but not by much, I'd still give her credit if I was judging.

I also gained some new drills to also take back. A few shaping drills that Joe Rapp of HITS showed us were definitely ideal for attaining better bar swinging and controlled, tighter handstands.

Some of the top gymnasts from our region were apart of the clinic as well. Baely Rowe, of Auburn Gymnastics and Destinee Davis, now at MAC, were both present and exciting to watch!

Here's a clip of Baely doing a vault drill.

Overall, it was a good learning experience for both coaches and gymnasts alike from region 2.

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