Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jordyn Beib-Oh, excuse me, Weiber?

Am I the only one immensly impressed by this powerhouse yet completely annoyed that she is so good? I had to stop watching the American Cup because I was so disgusted with her lack of artistry yet likewise, just as facisinated with her ability to fly.

I just couldn't handle staring at the screen any longer, listening to Tim and Elfi rant on and on, watching Jordyn's irritating movements on beam, watching her get overscored on floor and winning when I felt she didn't deserve it... Who am I to talk though? All the information I have are the short clips that I couldn't even continue watching of the American Cup and Spanny Tampson's blogsite...I shouldn't be posting my opinions at all during this moment.

Maybe I am just jealous of this ripped dynamo because she's gotten or will get everything I've ever wanted. Maybe I'm this irritated because she reminds me a bit of two of my least favorite elite gymnasts; Shawn Johnson and Carly Patterson. Or maybe it's just annoyance over the fact that I think artistry is so much more important in this sport than just having the ability to flip.

All of the elites nowadays seem robotic in everything they do. And those that seem to have more flair or beauty in dance, tend to have sloppier skills and less dynamics. The sport just isn't what it used to be and Jordyn Weiber is quickly moving toward the bottom of my list of "gymnasts to watch..."
I am so completely done with this sport and would like to never enter a gym, or watched a televised gymnastics event, again for the rest of my life...(Likely chance I will get sucked back into the sport...) This may be why everything that has to do with gymnastics nowadays just completely pisses me off.

Even though I know Jordyn is gifted, another part of me just feels sorry for her for having the life she has: The immense pressure she is under, the coach who no doubt will either get her to the top or destroy her and you can't forget the sheer political side of the sport. It's a cruel world in the elite gymnastics community...

Oh, and one more thing, I believe it was John Tesh who made the mistake of nearly calling Jordyn Weiber, Jordyn Beiber at the American Cup. Too bad he didn't complete her last name, I would've been in tears from laughing so hard...

Look! I spy a Shawn Johnson leap...Ew!

Maybe I'm just jealous of the muscles. God! What I'd do for a body like hers! Maybe popping some steroids would do the trick?...

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