Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nabieva vs Khorkina

Is it just me, or does Nabieva remind you of Queen Svetlana Khorkina?
I know I've posted about Tatiana Nabieva before, but at the time I didn't see the same edge and style that Khorkina portrayed. Once I saw Nabieva at Worlds I realized how much she reminded me of the 5.5 ft. diva, called Khorkina. And at the time, I didn't like the comparison. The more I've watched her though, the more I am impressed and enjoy the style she has. I think these two videos, (both done by spannytampson), sum up what I am talking about. And it's about time there was a good Nabieva montage on youtube!

PROFANITY WARNING: Don't watch montage with parents or important collegues around. Tons of cussing, but I think the song is perfect for Khorki.
And whether you love her or hate her, Khorkina is still an obsession.

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