Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's been just over a month since I re-injured my wrist, yet again, for the 5th time... Since then, something has happened inside of me. I have become so much more aware of my thoughts and where my body is on earth and in the air as well. Diligence and persistence to overcome this one injury has changed me mentally. I feel spiritually changed as well. I began looking for answers immediately after my wrist was re-injured... And answers I did find...within me. I also learned of different alternative healing methods, practices outside of the Western medical field. Also getting injured again made me realize how much my diet needed to change. About a week after I was injured I became a vegetarian. Within the last couple of days, I became vegan. I not only feel better, lighter and healthier; but eating so naturally has made me feel closer to the earth, the sky, the plants and animals. Everything feels so real, like I have been re-born. Maybe I have awoken from a deep sleep. I haven't been this happy since I was probably 8 years old. Gymnastics is a beautiful sport that can change a person into something unbelievable. I have learned more in this lifetime than I could've ever learned without this sport. I plan to keep going as a gymnast for as long as I can!

I also saw this a couple of days after my injury and it really motivated me in many ways. I want to be better this year than I've ever been before in my life, and that is my plan. One day at a time...

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