Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This week I have increased my hours in the gym, (in both the "gymnastics" arena and at the YMCA).

My Schedule=
Mondays and Wednesdays I train 6.5 hours a day: 1.5 in the pool in the morning, 1 hour of cycling and 4 hours doing gymnastics.
Tuesdays and Thursdays I am for now, just training 4 hours a day at gymnastics, I might increase it in a week or 2.
Fridays work outs depend on how I feel that particular day. Eventually though I will probably be doing 4.5 hours: 1.5 hour swim, 3 hours at gym.
Saturdays and Sundays are also different all of the time. Saturday is mostly my recovery day where I only do swimming for 1.5 hours and maybe some rehabilitation conditioning.
Sundays are cardio and conditioning day. Either biking, swimming or running (when my heel heals all the way), and some strength training sometime later in the day.

Also I am vegan 6 days a week. I am allowing myself to go back to vegetarian on Thursdays and see how that goes, (since Thursday is always the day I struggle through gym training). On a sad/annoying note, I re-injured my wrist...Well I think I just started training to fast on it. Yesterday I made the mistake of vaulting. However, I did do a couple of decent tsuks! But now I am paying for it. It'll probably take another couple of weeks to get back to where I was last weekend... *sigh*. I just want it to heal all the way so I can start training full out again. However, on a good note, despite the fact I have been unable to do a lot for over a month, I still have everything and strangely enough, my bars seem to have improved.

I just need to be ready to go by December. I plan to compete this year and make it through Western Nationals. I am going to break the cycle I have been going through for the last 3 years. This year's gonna be the year! I am so blessed to be at a gym with girls and coaches who support me and don't try to push me in or out of the sport. They are all very patient and that makes my journey and struggles so much easier to overcome.

This is where I need to get back to! Also, since I wont be doing a lot in the gym these next two weeks I am going to really be focusing on my training elsewhere. Last Monday, I made 22 miles in cycling and today's swim practice was:

4x400 w-up (swim, kick, paddles/bouy swim, swim)

50 Easy kick
50 Medium kick
50 Hard kick

Repeat 4x but each time add another 50 to the hard kick. (It hurt!)

Then I did backstroke for the next set:

25 Hard
25 Easy
> Rest <

50 Hard
50 Easy
> Rest <

75 Hard
75 Easy
> Rest <

100 Hard
100 Easy
> Rest <

Then we did the same set with Freestyle. Lord it was hard! But I feel great after so it's all worth it! :) My goal this year is to do a 1600 at a meet which equals 4x16= Ummm, my math is pathetic...I think that's 64 laps. Is that correct? Lol, and also to qualify an event to Y-Nationals which is in Florida. How funny would that be?! To miss out on getting to do Y-Nationals in gymnastics because the first year I was injured and the 2nd year I was considered "too old"! It would be cool to make it, even if it was in swimming. ;)

Likewise, in the gym arena I have some goals, but basically my outline plan is to get healthy by season and peak during State, Regionals and Westerns. Qualify to each and get to compete all events at each.

My final goal is to do a triathlon this year. Even if it's just a sprint triathlon, that is better than nothing and will give me a starting point.

That's all for today!



  2. Goodness girl! Are you taking in enough calories to support all this exercise? Also remember that your body does need to rest - you should be taking 1 day off each week.

  3. Yes, I eat a lot. Lately I go between being vegan and vegetarian, hard days I eat vegetarian meals with more protein and sometimes fish. And I take Sunday or Saturday's off, so I am good. :)