Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Olympic Surprises of 2012

I don't know why I expected the Olympic Games to go without a surprise. Do they ever?
Here was what I thought would happen:

Jordyn Weiber would win All Around while Victoria Komova would make a blunder that would cost her the AA. Then there would be a big, dramatic tearfest put on by the Russians. -Basically a replay of Worlds.
Victoria Komova would pull everything together to win AA while Jordyn Weiber would just have enough "little" mistakes to keep her from taking gold.
Both Jordyn and Victoria would make enough mistakes that diva Aliya Mustifina would manage to grab onto gold-God forbid. Her form on twisting elements KILL me!
Instead Jordyn Weiber would not even qualify for AA because of the 2 per country deal... Her reaction is not one that will easily be forgotten. I truly believe she would've won AA had she gotten through qualifications.
Instead Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman would take top 2 spots to represent USA. I would not want the USA to have had to put Aly up as an AA contender. Thank god she didn't win a medal. That would've been an embarressment to the sport.

There were two options that I thought could occur for Gabby...

Number 1. She would crack under the immense pressure and realize how big the Olympic Games really are, thus would not medal or be an AA contender.
Number 2. Would do well enough to finish right behind Jordyn, as Chow's former gymnast, Shawn Johnson did 4 years ago.

Instead she did the most unthinkable and conquored the most unimaginable task in becoming the 4th American Olympic Champion in the AA in history, the first woman to win a team gold and AA gold and the first African American gymnast to win the AA. Way to make history! On top of it all, I don't think she realizes how big this is. She seems so young and naive still. One day in the future I think she'll realize the immensity of her win.

Surprise #3. Mckayla Maroney...I thought that there was no way possible that she would not win gold.
Olympic Pressure, I guess.
I've never even seen her fall on a vault! I guess it was her weaker vault though that caused her grief. Her amanar is still the best in the world.

It's exciting to see an old-timer win another event though as Sandra Isbaza did during the 2012 Olympic vault finals. 

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  1. I know!
    everything has been a complete shock! I don't think I have ever seen McKayla mess up before!
    and I cried when Jordyn didn't make the AA.
    it was horrible.