Monday, August 9, 2010

Gymnastics and Other Interesting Stuff

I've been missing the GGC girls lately...A lot. :(

I coached today for the first time in a longggg time and I forgot how much I loved it and how comfortable I feel in the atmosphere. I coached for five hours today and I can't wait to coach again soon! :-)

I also tried hot yoga this weekend, and my goodness, it was AMAZING! Within the first 10 minutes my body was already dripping sweat, and I mean DRIPPING! I have never sweat so much in my life but I guess it's pretty understandable when you are in a 105 degree room, with 30 other people, doing stretches and strength skills for 90 minutes! It was hardcore and I wanted to die! Lol, but I definantly think it is another career path I am very intrigued in following.

I am so determined to be successful and live decently without a college education! Not only do I want to prove I can do it, but the idea of school disgusts me and always has! I HATE SCHOOL!!!

Visa champs are on this weekend! I can't wait to have a team party to watch them the week after!!! This weekend I will however be busy visiting a past coach and friend who is very dear to me! I can't wait to see her! :)

Gym went well today. Norm and Rachel were coaching. I did quite a few double backs on tumble tramp onto the hard 12 inch mat, and also front fulls onto 2 8inch mats, and front full, front tuck on tumble tramp. The rest of the day was eh. I wish my wrist and heel didn't hurt so badly. :(

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